Sunday 26 June 2016

Stones Of Hope

Carol asked about the Hope Stones [thanks for the enquiry!]. This was an idea from Chris Duffett, the Baptist Evangelist, who does lots of 'Saints on the Street' work in the community, sharing the good news of God's love.
These are just ordinary cobbles bought from the Garden Centre. On the underside of each is I have written a word or phrase using an indelible Sharpie Marker pen] Below is part of a post I wrote three years ago after our Kirby Muxloe Village Fun Day. It was the first time I had used the stones, and was blown away by people's reactions...

I cannot begin to tell you what amazing responses we had to our ‘stones’ table. So many people saying ‘this is just the right message for me’ – people taking a stone and then coming back later bring a friend or partner ‘Go on, you take one too’
  • The lady who looked up with tears in her eyes and said “You’ve no idea how much I needed to read this today [You are special]
  • Two people who are facing cancer in their families, one read Hope, the other One day at a Time
  • The teacher who said her new term had thrown up all sorts of challenges Wait and See
  • The student who was anxious about his forthcoming exams read Do Not Be Afraid – and said ‘That’s exactly right!’
  • ‘This is the message for me’ said one person reading ‘Have faith’ and explained they were going through a difficult divorce.

In fact almost everyone who took a stone remarked on how appropriate it was. It was incredibly moving, and humbling, as they shared their circumstances with us – and we were able to offer encouragement, comfort and prayer.

May the stones they took away continue to give comfort and strength. Perhaps in view of the events this week, and the anxious people around me, I should set up another table somewhere soon...


  1. I love the thought process behind The Stones of Hope and what a strong witness they become.

    "I should set up another table somewhere soon..." Amen, Amen!


  2. Hi, is it okay to share this on the facebook page of my local church?

    1. Please do. If others can be blessed through this, that's wonderful x

  3. What a lovely idea and so many people got comfort from them.


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