Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hanging Up My Helmet?

Last week I spent a morning kneeling on the drive, polishing various bits of the motorbike. Reluctantly we knew the time had come for us to sell it. We found a buyer very quickly.

So yesterday we got up early, and enjoyed a good breakfast together. Bob makes a great Full English and then he went to get ready for his last ride on the lovely red Deauville. The buyer lives near Haverfordwest - about 200 miles away, and Bob said he would deliver the bike to him - and get the train back.

We've had fun on this bike - but neither of us enjoyed it as much as the silver Honda Pan European. That was written off in Feb 2013 and replaced three months later 

I did feel a bit sad for Bob as I watched him ride off down the hill. I don't know if there will be another bike, or if my biker-chick days on the back of the pillion have come to an end.

Going, going, gone...

Been there, done that - but at least I have still got the tee shirt!


  1. Glad about that - once a motorcyclist always a motorcyclist; I am from a long line of them and when I was allowed to drive it was a bike I used. My brother has my Dad's bikes an ex-Police bike (BMW) and a Matchless 500 twin. As a child he used to have a side car and take me out in that; every so often doing wheelies. My youngest nephew wants one but my sister in law is not so keen. No doubt he will end up with one somewhere down the line. Pattypan xx

  2. Our biking days ended over 20 years ago with the sale of the second BMW bike we had. Still think about it occasionally!

  3. Nah, once a biker chick, always a biker chick, in your heart at least.

  4. We're hanging on to our old Harleys because once they're gone we would probably not be able to afford to replace them.
    In fact we were out for a ride today. The weather was perfect and I couldn't think why we don't use them more often. I never thought that at nearly 65 I'd still be riding my Harley but I can't imagine life without the occasional rumble through the countryside.
    Don't give up your helmet never know what might turn up.

  5. That's so sad. Why did you decide to get rid of it?x

    1. Bob doesn't get the opportunity to ride it so much now. And the money will be useful - we both need new glasses!

  6. Haven't been on the back of a bike since my 20's! It was my then boyfriends Ducati! Cheers from Carole's Chatter


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