Tuesday, 14 January 2020

A Very Odd Half Hour

I didn't sleep well on Friday night - and on Saturday morning I really didn't want to get up early [most days I am in the kitchen just before 7 making a cuppa] Bob made the tea at 7.30ish, and said he would bring me breakfast in bed a bit later. At 8.45, I was enjoying my coffee, OJ and pain au raisin, and doing the crossword when my phone pinged. The lady who was taking the magazine stash saying "I'm just on my way over"
I decided that I didn't need to rush to dress - after all, I was just going to open the door, say 'there is the box of magazines' and she would take them and leave. So I could do that in my dressing gown, and return to bed and my puzzle. Well - it didn't turn out that way. The doorbell rang, and I went downstairs.
"Hi, I'm Angela " 
"I'm Julie, I have that exact same Cotton Traders Dressing Gown" 
"Sorry, bad night- not got dressed yet. Here are the magazines! I am so glad to pass them on to you rather than just recycle them"
"Brilliant - I love Martha Stewart! Thank you so much!" She turned to leave
And this is when things went weird.
A petrol blue Skoda Kodiaq, identical to ours, was driving up the road, quite slowly. Suddenly it braked and Julie dropped the box of magazines and ran past our car to the kerb, shouting something.
A dog had run across from the road opposite, and gone under the car. The driver got out "What's happened? We felt a bump underneath so I braked"
Julie explained that she had seen the dog had actually run between the front and back wheels, and rolled over under the vehicle. It crept out slowly onto the kerb, shaking, and visibly distressed. Julie knelt down and comforted it. 
The passenger got out- she was concerned too. "Where did it come from?" Julie said"over there" and stressed that the driver had not run into the animal. We looked to see if anyone in the road opposite was missing a dog. The dog had no collar or identification.
The lady explained that 40 years ago they lived in our house- long before the Church purchased it . They were driving past en route to visit an old friend, and slowed down to look. They saw we had the identical car and were on the point of stopping when they felt the bang.
I was chatting to her, Julie was attending to the dog, and the driver called out to a man opposite [walking towards us and chatting on his phone] "Is this your dog?" 
The guy finished his chat and came across and said it was. Somewhere in all this Bob came outside [in his dressing gown] and got into conversation with the driver. Who, it turns out, sings in a choir with one of our church members.
The dog was shaking, and peed all over Julie's hand as she tried to calm him. "I was on the phone and the car door was open and he jumped out" said the owner. "Is your car OK?" he went to the front with the driver to inspect the damage, and was told the dog had not been hit by the car, he had run underneath it. "Come on boy" said the owner, and seemed to expect the quivering dog to get up and follow him. Somehow Julie ended up helping him over the road, and I suspect she gave the owner a talking to!
Bob and I stayed chatting to the driver and his wife, about the house, Jim-next-door, the male voice choir and other stuff. They went off to the old friend, Julie came back and picked up her magazines, said goodbye and drove off...and I went back to bed and finished the crossword. 
All's well that ends well...but it was a very odd half hour


  1. Can’t wait to hear when your next sale item is collected!

  2. Life is never dull here in Ferndown, despite what many people may say!

  3. Wow! That was quite an eventful half hour! Of course, these things happen when we are not quite dressed! LOL. But, I love the color of your dressing gown!

  4. Wow, it's times like these when you close the door and think to yourself 'Did that really all just happen!'

    I bet you needed another half hour in bed doing the crossword just to make yourself feel more back to normal ready for the day ahead.

  5. What an odd collection of happenings all at once.

  6. As Miranda might say..'Such fun!'

  7. It sounds like an episode from a TV series :D. So much happening!

  8. I am pleased it all ended well and hope the dog was not too traumatised - you couldn't make up that half hour could you!!


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