Thursday, 9 January 2020

Make It Sew!

As Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek would say...
I came across a diagram of a sewing machine last week, and it has greatly amused me. Bob is into SciFi stuff, as well as Tolkein and JK Rowling- and this image references a number of films and TV shows.
Here you are...
Dilithium Crystal - Star Trek
Energon Cube - Transformers
Arc Reactor- Iron Man
Astromach Droid - Star Wars
Golden Snitch - Harry Potter
Quaffle - Harry Potter
Unobtanium - Avatar 
Horn of Gondor - Lord of the Rings
Flux Capacitor - Back to the Future

So next time someone makes fun of you for spending so much time with your machine, just remind them that without the flux capacitor and the dilithium crystals, they'd still be waiting for their play costume/ shortened curtains/ mended jeans/ whatever!
It is not just Patrick Stewart who can make it sew!
[Do tell me if I have missed anything!]


  1. Haha, that's fun! Pity there aren't any Who references!

    1. Sorry, Kezzie. I think it's from the USA and they're not quite so fond of the Dr as we are

  2. Too funny! But, the bobbin does look a lot like that arc reactor, doesn't it?!


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