Wednesday, 1 January 2020

New Year, New Decade

Can it really be twenty years since all the church bells were pealing to mark the start of the Millennium? I have very few clear memories of those New Year celebrations. The Queen standing a little awkwardly in the O2 Arena/Millennium Dome, singing Auld Lang Syne alongside Tony and Cherie Blair, and then Cliff Richard singing the Lord's Prayer [Strangely contrived, I thought] Sorting my RE file a couple of weeks ago, I came across a copy of "The Millennium Resolution" This was prepared by "Churches Together In England", and sent to every home in the UK. They stressed at the time it was not intended to be a prayer [God is not mentioned] but was "a gift to the nation", for those of all faiths and none. It was seen as an opportunity for "a new start for the nation" Maybe we should redistribute these words today? 


Let there be
  • Respect for the earth
  • Peace for its people
  • Love in our lives 
  • Delight in the good 
  • Forgiveness for past wrongs
And from now on, a new start


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, Angela. I like those millennium resolutions! Still very valid, 20 years later!

  2. Happy 2020 to you. I think like new year resolutions the millenium resolution slipped a bit over time and we need to renew the ideas once again and spread peace and goodwill.

  3. That is a great resolution! I think it is definitely worth sharing! I remember my New Year's Eve celebrations very, very clearly. I was at my Music Camp-it was great, probably my best new year celebration ever although I did go to sleep crying because a singer had a massive go at me (not drinking) because of my drunken friends' shenanigans.


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