Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Cold Comforts

Monday didn't work out as planned. Out of nowhere, Bob developed a dreadful streaming cold on Sunday evening. By bedtime he was sneezing, and generally unwell. He slept sitting upright in the armchair. 
Well, he sort of slept. Liz suggested Jack Monroe's "Make-me-better-mug" and sent a link to the recipe. I needed fresh lemons and ginger, but I already had honey and turmeric in the cupboard. 
I drove into Dereham, and first went into Boots. The pharmacist was helpful, but said Bob's medication means he cannot take Cold&Flu remedies, just Paracetamol.  And inhale Olbas Oil. 
So off to the Co-op... That was confusing. The shelf was labelled "Bag of fresh lemons £1:50, two bags for £1:50“ So I put two bags in my basket. I couldn't see fresh ginger, so I asked. They sell it in stupid little plastic packets. [that's my fancy Norfolk honey from prizewinning local bee keeper Trevor Nash - but in the end I used up the remains of some Lidl runny stuff] 
At the checkout, the cheery assistant said they're pricing was silly " We should just put BOGOF on the lemons. " and agreed the plastic bags were an unnecessary addition. I drove home and made up a delicious jugful of the drink. It's a glorious sunshine yellow colour. 
Bob dozed in front of the TV all day and I did my jigsaw.
All plans to go into Norwich for a romantic dinner for two were abandoned. But at least we were able to be quiet and rest, in a lovely warm home. Today we return to Dorset... 
It's only a cold!


  1. Poor Bob!! Well done for making him delicious remedies! When I've got a child, I.like Hot Ribena with freshly-squeezed lemon juice, honey, Thyme and Star Anise.x

  2. Replies
    1. I like your typo! Next time I have a child to look after, I shall dose myself up with Ribena beforehand!

  3. How annoying but at least he was forced to rest!

    1. Yes, it was a blessing that we were here and it was a Sunday "off duty"

  4. Hope Bob feels better, soon, and you don't come down with it! This season's colds seem really bad!

  5. Hope he is feeling a bit better and the lemon and honey start to ease the symptoms.


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