Monday, 13 January 2020

Goodbye To All The Simple Things

I finally bit the bullet - I bundled up fifty craft/homekeeping magazines [The Simple Things, Martha Stewart Living, Country Living and a vast assortment of crafty and Christmassy publications] and posted them on a local fb group as FREE to a good home. Within 5 minutes, I'd had a message from a woman who wanted them all.
There is nothing in these magazines which merits them taking up bookshelf space. I could have put them straight into recycling, but that seemed a bit wasteful. 
I have enjoyed reading them - but all those recipes and projects are never going to be created in this house. I did make the Mollie Makes Mug Cosy for my niece, but I'm never going to recreate Martha's Alpine Village in cardboard and glitter for my Christmas Mantlepiece. And I can always find recipes on the internet if I have a sudden urge to boil pierogi, or ice a bundt cake. 
And the whole activity took less than 40 minutes, and definitely sparked joy!
In other news, I have just sold my first item on Etsy - my lovely Welsh Wool Cape. I was very fond of it, but I'm on a mission to raise funds towards new spectacles. I haven't worn the cape in the past year, so it is on its way to a young lady in France who declared herself "obsessed with owning a welsh woool cape"


  1. Well done to you for selling the cape and getting rid of the magazines to a good home! That's great that you've given joy to someone else whilst reducing your load.

  2. Well done on the decluttering! I take my old magazines to the cancer center and leave them there for patients to look through while they undergo treatment.

  3. It may not be easy thank reduce your load, but there is joy when you see it go and bring happiness to someone else. Good feeling!

  4. Lovely to think of your cape going off abroad!

  5. I sold all my Simple Things magazines last year for 20p each to a lady who loved the look of them. She came back to our stall every month after that to see if I had any more.

    We've been giving away things on Facebook Marketplace as well as selling some. We had all new carpets after our house was redecorated and a couple of the carpets we took up were in pretty good condition, so we advertised them just before Christmas as 'free to a good home' so people had time to lay them before the holidays. They were all snapped up.

  6. I think the first time I ever got in touch with you was to ask you about Simple Things magazine


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