Wednesday, 15 January 2020

One Year On

It is just a year ago since my spectacular collapse in Sainsburys [explained here] At the time I underwent a battery of tests- and the conclusion was that I had Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome and Vitamin D deficiency. It sounds awful - but could have been so much worse. I'm happy to report that one year on, I am genuinely feeling so much better than I was back then, thank the Lord.
Which is a good thing, considering all the other things which have happened.
I am grateful for our brilliant NHS, and grateful for two loving and supportive families - my biological family and my church family. And grateful for lovely positive comments from friends - both near at hand, and on the blog. So many people have helped, encouraged, and  gently bullied me into looking after myself properly. And things are looking much brighter than they did a year ago. Hallelujah!


  1. Hooray, I can leave a comment as either I'm the first or you haven't approved comments yet! I'm so glad that things are so much better healthwise.Xx

  2. So glad to read this morning that you are feeling much better. It does not seem like a year has passed, time goes so quickly.

  3. It has been a year, already?! I hadn't realized! I'm so glad that things have improved and you are feeling better, Angela. :)

  4. Take care and God bless you also in the new year!

  5. A year goes so quickly, and I'm glad you have slowed down a bit. I used to get worn out just reading about your busy days!


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