Monday, 6 January 2020

Surprising Things I Have Learned Recently

[1] Bob likes eating apples as a snack - so I try and keep the fruit bowl stocked. But this week I learned that not all varieties of apple provide the same health benefits. It appears that Braeburns [which he enjoys] are particularly good.
They are a good source of fibre, help lower cholesterol, control weight and regulate blood sugar. They are bi-coloured, but look for ones with a higher proportion of red skin, as these have an extra supply of photonutrients. 
[2] Leg cramps- I was suffering from these on and off last week. So I checked up on the NHS website and found some helpful information.
Possible causes listed were
ageing ✔ approaching 65
exercise ✔ lots of walking with Rosie last week
dehydration ✔ as a result of the campylobacter bug
taking statins ✔ every day!
but in my cause, not pregnancy or excess alcohol
Suggested treatments - drinking more ✔ water not alcohol 
stretching exercises ✔ before bed  
quinine ✔ this is an ingredient in tonic water- but best not to dilute it with gin!
[3] If someone wishes to use your bathroom to dye their hair with henna, but has forgotten the Vaseline to protect eyebrows and hairline, then the denture fixative from the bathroom cabinet is an acceptable substitute. No, I am not saying anything further on this topic - except that it is not acceptable for male members of the family to attempt to take photographs of this rather messy procedure.
[4] You do not have to be a "Mastermind" to appear on the programme. [To be fair, Ms Henderson did seem to be fairly knowledgeable about Disney films even if her General Knowledge wasn't so good] Even Greta was amused.


  1. Ooh, I didn't know that about apples. Can you find out why my knee has suddenly started hurting so much please? I don't remember doing anything to it but I'm struggling with stairs and bending down! Were you dyeing your hair? Was Bob being naughty?!

    1. Try RICE. Rest Ice Compression Elevation. No it was my daughter and her OH.

  2. I thought dentures were a thing of the past!

    But thank you for the tips about leg cramps.

    1. I have a bridge with one tooth on it, polygrip keeps it in place (I had a milk tooth which lasted till I was 32 but there was no adult tooth in the gum to replace it - hence the 'partial denture')

  3. Re the statins - My mum has been advised to come off the statins now as the GP feels that it might be these affecting her leg muscles and cramps. We are waiting to see if there is a marked difference. My SIL visited he GP recently and was told she needed statins now because of her age, 64, when she questioned her GP if he would take them if advised he said No he definitely wouldn't!! - but the NHS have directed that GP's advise people to take them as a matter of course to cut down their figures for heart attacks! It is all about the figures in the NHS.
    You can get natural statins from your food if you eat the right things.
    I think magnesium helps leg cramps - you can get the spray oil.
    I learnt the same about Braeburns this week.
    There's hope for me on Mastermind then - but I wouldn't know many Disney films.

  4. Very high cholesterol levels are a genetic problem in my family, hence the statins. I've been on them for years, so don't think they are likely to be causing the cramps

  5. Thank you for sharing what you've learned with us, Angela! I shall be looking for Braeburn apples in my grocery store, now!

    I get cramps in my hands more than in my legs - usually, when I am stirring something when cooking! I was told to take magnesium supplements for the cramping.


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