Monday, 20 January 2020

Greenanuary?! What On Earth Is That About?

Yes it is a singularly ugly word. But the idea behind it is a good one. "Sustainable Dorset" is attempting to help locals make better lifestyle choices in order to help sustain earth-existence. 
The Green Living Project is enabling groups to come together to learn about what can be done to combat climate change, reduce our carbon footprints, cut wastage, fight pollution, and generally improve things.
My good friends Meg and Chris Brockway*, from Christchurch Baptist feel strongly as I do about our stewardship of Creation. In the autumn, they held a Green Fair, and last week, Meg hosted the first meeting of the Green Living Project Course at CBC. [*in the photo, Rev Chris is on the left, and Meg is smiling on the right]
It was a brilliant  session. We will be meeting fortnightly to learn more - and I shall definitely be blogging about what I have learned. 
What on earth are YOU doing this month about sustainability?


  1. Bravo! Sounds a great endeavour! We've reused a whole load of jiffy envelopes I was saving to protect WOMOTM's iMac which CBC had sold on eBay. I've taken over sorting the recycling at school in the staff room and I've passed on a few garments to online friends who I know would appreciate them.

  2. I don't know if I am doing anything more than what I already do, Angela. But, you've given me something to think about.

  3. Sounds brilliant. We now have a meat free Monday. Also collecting aluminium drinks cans for helipads for hospitals, we take a carrier bag when walking the dog and pick up cans left as litter. Not as much as some but if only everyone could do a little!


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