Saturday, 11 January 2020

My Family In Australia

Back in 1968, My Uncle and Aunt saw this ad on TV, and decided to up sticks, leave Essex, and go to Oz. They were among the one million "Ten pounds Poms" who sailed to the other side of the world in search of a new life. A quarter of the TPP returned, disillusioned, to the UK. But not Ted and Jean. They had paid their twenty quid [the kids went free], and they were going to make a go of it. And they certainly did! They took out their ten children - and now there are over 115 of them - one big happy family. I reconnected with my cousin Miriam a few years back, through facebook, and it is good to know that Auntie Jean is still flourishing [in her 90s] and Miriam [in her 60s] has recently got engaged.

They live in Western Australia, around Perth, so they are safe from the bushfires sweeping the other side of their country. I thank God for my family, although I doubt I shall ever get over there to see them. I wanted to do something to help their fellow citizens who have lost so much in recent weeks.  
One blog I read is by Jenny of Elefantz, an Australian lady who does amazing needlework. She's just sold one of her quilts as a fundraiser for the Australian Fire Relief Effort.
If you would like to help these people rebuild their lives, it is very easy to donate online.
I split my gift between the Australian Salvation Army and the Australian Red Cross.  Both these organisations have the infrastructure in place to provide both immediate disaster relief and ongoing support, 
and they have proven track records of doing their jobs well. 
The Aussie slang for the Salvation Army workers is "Salvos" - and I note that the second definition in my dictionary for salvo is "A sudden, vigorous act". The salvos have been quick, and energetic in their response to this crisis - the name is well deserved!
May this situation be soon resolved - the nation of Australia remains in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. That's so wonderful that you were able to reconnect with your cousin! I, too, have some cousins and other relatives in Australia, some of them in Perth, others in various other parts, including Sydney. Thank you for posting the links for donations.

  2. Here in New Zealand we have smoke haze from the fires, there have been Facebook pages where people have donated to a wide range charities, I believe that the total has far exceeded the government contribution. Many people have cars on standby ready to leave, we have sent plane loads of air force, fire fighters and vets to help our neighbors. It's good to hear your family is safe.


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