Saturday, 25 January 2020

Taking The Temperature

Outside Cold:
Dark, damp, dank
Dreary, drizzly, dreich
Dismal, dreadful

Inside Cold:
Sniffly, snuffly, sneezy, snotty
Shivering limbs, sore throat

But also Heat

A steaming mug of goodness
Hot in my shivering hands
Soothing my sore throat
Golden honey, shiny lemons, 
Bright turmeric, zingy ginger

A beaming smile from my soulmate

And a vase of sunny yellow daffodils 
Sent by a dear friend far away

..and above all,
the warmth of knowing I am loved
which makes everything feel better

It's just a cold, and it will pass


  1. Feel better very soon, Ang. Love, flowers and hot drinks always help x

  2. Thank you Sooze. I wrote the poem Thursday night, and I'm beginning to shale off the cold now.

  3. Good to hear you are getting rid of it. Colds are just annoying

  4. Get well soon. I have just managed to alter blogger settings and hopefully comment on the blogs I have been following for ages!

  5. Sorry to hear that it's your turn to be down with the cold! I guess Bob was very generous and shared his cold germs with you! I did that with my daughter, over Christmas!


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