Friday, 3 January 2020

Back To Work

We got back to Dorset yesterday evening, having visited our sister in law on the way. It was good to see her, and our niece. They have so much to organise in the next few weeks, and the Christmas holiday inevitably means offices are closed and funeral arrangements take longer. Sadly Bob will have also more funeral stuff here in the next few weeks too.
But life goes on, and I will spend today unpacking all the things brought back from Norfolk, and packing up all the Christmas decorations for another year.
Thank you everyone who has sent kind words in recent weeks. May God bless you and yours in the coming days. 


  1. The holidays are an especially difficult time to lose a loved one, I think. But, I know you and Bob will help the ones who are left behind to find comfort in the faith you share. Wish you and Bob all the best.

  2. Life does indeed go on as you said. I always things all things in life are sent to us for a reason; it sometimes just takes some time for us to figure out why things happen the way they do.


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