Friday 20 April 2012

Busy Baking Bagels…

…because Steph and Mark are coming home for the weekend.


I used Karen's recipe [see here]but I have tweaked it slightly – I make the batch of dough into nine bagels instead of eight. The price of bread flour has gone up, and I reckon it now costs nearer 50p to make a batch - around 5½p a bagel. But that’s still 20% of the cost of buying them in the supermarket. And much, much tastier

You don’t really notice the slight decrease in size – and they do freeze well.

ChristmasCraftinginnotimeKaren recently mentioned on her blog [use it up, wear it out] that she had been borrowing books from the library. I asked her to review one of them – and she has kindly done so here. I already have one of Clare Young’s craft books [here] but this latest one “Christmas Crafting In No Time” sounds just up my street. Thanks for the review Karen!

Now back to getting things ready for the family visit!


  1. I am rather partial to a good bagel (ie homemade). I like a good 'bagelly' hole in the middle so I thread each single bagel onto the handle of a wooden spoon....give a few hula swirls and the hole enlarges.It's not orthodox but it's a heck of a lot of fun!!
    Jane x

  2. Yes, I too 'hula' the holes, but don't seem to get holes as large as I'd like!

  3. I was all set to write a comment about how the holes always close up, when I saw the above. I like the hula idea.

  4. I'm very glad you're baking after the sadness of the week. Food is good! I should be grating carrots for the carrot cake that Mattman has requested for tomorrow's party. BUt here I am instead!!


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