Monday 9 April 2012

I Treated Myself!


I saw this in the Book People Catalogue – and it cost £10.24 [inc postage] saving nearly £54. I have two battered charity shop Teys already [Brat Farrar and The Daughter of Time] but really wanted to read some more. I like the way she uses words, and enjoyed listening to “The Singing Sands” when it was on Radio 4 Extra.

franchiseI first read Tey’s work when I was 12. We were given ‘The Franchise Affair’ as our class reading book one term. It was exciting because they were new copies. Most of the time the class sets were battered old things, and it was a real treat to be the first people to enjoy them. As with “To Kill a Mockingbird”  we were set homework “Read the first chapter”. I took the book home and devoured it in one evening! I got into trouble again

“You are not supposed to read the whole book at once, Angela, you won’t appreciate it properly” But from the first page, where Robert has a cup of tea and two biscuits, I was hooked!


Written in 1949, the book was filmed a couple of years later starring husband-and-wife acting duo Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray. It’s a good film to watch when you have a mountain of ironing!

So I’ve got the whole Tey collection now, and I am planning to read them right through at Cornerstones this week.

I’ll try and post some reviews – eventually. I am on holiday after all!


  1. I used to devour books - now holidays are one of the few times I don't feel like I should be doing something else instead! I hope both of you have a lovely rest at Cornerstones. x

  2. Lovely! I'd forgotten the name Josephine Tay, but I certainly remember Brat Farrar and probably some of the others, too. Enjoy!

    Thanks for your very kind and supportive comment, too.

  3. Oh how wonderful - I just love books. Mr T and I have been clearing our library over the last couple of days - looking at every book and deciding whether we will ever actually read it. so far there are about 200 for charity (loads left too) xx

  4. Hie Angela, hope you had a wonderful Easter. My email address is if you could send me your address so i can send you the magazine. Thanks

  5. I love Josephine Tey! The Daughter of Time was the first of her books I ever read, years and years ago, but I think I've read almost all of them now. What a great find and a great deal.

    (Didn't she write some of those under a different name?)

    What a silly comment from your teacher. I think it takes multiple readings to "properly" appreciate any book, so why not devour it in one sitting if you like?

  6. I will keep a look out for those books I haven't heard of these before but they sound interesting. What a bargain x


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