Friday 13 April 2012

Fakenham Finds

Stopping en route at Perfick Pork to buy some bacon and sausages, we went early to find some bargains on Fakenham Market yesterday. There were some good books [more on that later] and I bought two bottles [ornaments- but possibly for holding flowers sometime] and a piece of vintage Pyrex.

The ginger beer bottle is local [Norwich and Swaffham] and is about 7” high. The little blue bottle is about 4” high [the base is about the size of a 50p piece] and we think held cleaning chemicals or poison.


The Pyrex bowl is a good size serving dish – it was yellow with grease- and cost only 50p but it has cleaned up beautifully.



It was good to meet up with the folk from Fakenham Baptist Church who were busy in the middle of the market. It was their first time  having a pitch there – apparently they’d had problems getting permission. “Why do you need to be out in the market when you have a perfectly good church building?” they were asked! Judging by the number of people who stopped and chatted whilst I was there, they are in the right place, doing a good job.


Jon bought himself a Stylophone, and has spent a fair bit of time since trying to play it! Bob bought a hammer – he needs it to mend the fence. Liz bought some Cromer Crab for us to enjoy for lunch! Fakenham Thursdays are always a high spot of our holidays.


  1. Re 'You with your small tumbler'
    Andy's comment: "After all Mum, you are a Yorkshirewoman" - and proud of it!


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