Monday 16 April 2012

What Goes Around…

…comes around - or so they say.

That always struck me as a rather pointless saying, along the lines of “If you lived here, you’d be home by now” and “She’s no better than she ought to be”

But what goes around quite happily in my kitchen is my roller towel.


I’m perversely pleased with this item, and as I was drying my hands on it this recently, I felt it deserved a mention on the blog.

I get a little irritated when teatowels and handtowels get muddled up in kitchens [I notice it happens a lot in school staff kitchens] and unless you have a convenient rail on your cooker [as we do at Cornerstones] it is not always easy to find a good location to hang towels.

When we got married, we were given dozens of towels – including lots of pairs of hand towels. So a few years ago, I took three of those pairs and made three ‘loops’. Bob cut some brackets from some scrap wood, found a bit of chrome tubing, and voila! My roller towel. It is on the door from the kitchen to the utility room – so ideally placed between the two sinks. I store the two clean ones close by, so if the towel does get grubby, I can quickly replace it.

I had the towels, the fixings were from Bob’s Stash in the garage [yes, he has one too!] so it cost nothing. As opposed to the ones for sale here and here.

Where do you hang towels and teatowels?

And have you any ingenious solutions to suggest?


  1. Great idea - we have a rail but the hand towel, tea towel and oven gloves all get slipped over it and you move one the rest end up on the floor - hardly hygienic - may have to look at some adjustments - thanks for the idea

  2. We keep one towel and one tea towel on the stove handle/rail. I change them daily. We don't have much kitchen storage so the clean are kept in a dining room drawer.
    Jane x

  3. What a brilliant idea! I hang my tea towels (aka dish cloths) on the edge of the sink, where they fall to the floor within five minutes. Not a good system, but I don't have a hook to hang them from.


  4. I love this idea. My kitchen towel hangs from a clothespin mounted to the side of the cupboard over the sink (see this post:

  5. That is such a cleaver idea. I get so miffed when the family try to dry there hands on my tea towels.

    Now where ever could I fit one?

    X x


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