Monday 2 April 2012


anagrams agame

F A R A L L A  S P O N G E  O I L =

A N G E L A ‘ S  A P R I L   F O O L

…but you’d worked that out, hadn’t you? My apologies to anyone who has been into Waitrose this morning to try and buy some.

We have been into a multiplicity of supermarkets today, hunting down Matzos for Thursday night’s Seder Meal at Church.


Last time we did one of these, we got them from Tesco. This year they do not stock them anymore. The lady on Customer services typed Matzo into her PC – and came up with baby changing mats, car mats and bath mats!

“Try typing in Passover” I suggested. “How do you spell that?” No success. Nothing under ‘kosher’ either. Eventually we found Waitrose [on the opposite side of Leicester, naturally] to be really helpful.

My next challenge will be making the Haroset [also spelt charoset or charoses] The guy who is coming as our speaker has suggested omitting the nuts to avoid causing problems for people with allergies. There are dozens of recipes out there! Haroset is the blend of fruit and nuts symbolizing the mortar which the Israelites used to build pyramids in Egypt, and is one of the most popular foods served at the Seder. The fruit and nuts found in almost all haroset recipes refer to two verses in the Song of Solomon closely linked with the spring season: "Under the apple tree I awakened thee" and "I went down into the garden of nuts"

Bob is still on a hunt for the horseradish – which must be the fresh root, grated [not the creamy sauce in a jar!]


  1. Thought you'd gone crackers yesterday!
    The Seder will be very special...hope you enjoy it.
    Jane x

  2. I went to something like this in our church last year- rector had put it all together, food and all. Lots of work but so interesting!

  3. We did a Seder for a high school group years ago. I can't for the life of me remember what we did for the charoset. Or the horseradish!

    What a very special and appropriate meal to have on Maundy Thursday.


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