Saturday 14 April 2012

En Garde! [The Pastor Is Fencing]

My brother Adrian said there had been some wind damage to the fence – so we knew that this week would include a bit of DIY. Bob and Jon went and purchased new panels for the side of the drive earlier in the week, and Bob has replaced the damaged ones.DSCF3589DSCF3590

He has also fixed a new gate at the front of the property, which he was able to make with a repaired panel. You’ll notice that the ground is rather wet – we've had good weather all week, so not complaining about the shower this afternoon! But the creosoting will have to wait till a dry day now.


We made a quick trip to Homebase for some screws and fittings – and found some in the reduced section, which was great.

We also met up with old friends Stewart and Alaina and had a chat [they were also buying screws!] Stewart is overseeing the redevelopment at Dereham Baptist Church, which is a major undertaking, but really exciting.


  1. He's like a Swiss army knife.......he can do all the jobs!

  2. Replies
    1. I fully intend to! Although he does not appear to fold up quite as compactly as a Swiss Army Knife!

  3. The makeshift workbench looks a little unsafe?
    Jane x

  4. You've had a very productive "holiday", you guys! Hope you're bounding back now for more of the same Almond magic!

    1. Not 'bounding back' till Monday - we have a full week of holiday [and a full day of school on Tuesday]
      Hope your excursion to Scotland was equally enjoyable, Mags


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