Wednesday 18 April 2012

What I Did On My Holidays Part 2

Liz and Jon went back to London on the train Friday evening, and then we had a lovely meal with Christine. But on Saturday we were on our own. After careful internet research, we went to the weekly Saturday boot fair at Hellesdon. On arrival we discovered it wasn’t there! For this one week it was a Model Railway Exhibition – and we didn’t fancy paying to go in.

We pootled back to Cornerstones via Bawburgh – a pretty little village on the edge of Norwich, teeming with lovely views and oozing with history! The church is one of the rare round-towered parish churches [more prevalent in East Anglia than the rest of the UK] and has a great story. Read it here 

DSCF3596 - Copy

This was the site of the grave of St Walstan – patron saint of farms, farmers, farmhands, ranchers and husbandrymen.[details of him here] Behind the church we found the well – clearly not the original!

DSCF3597 - Copy


We had a lovely conversation with the lady arranging the flowers in the church then we walked round the rest of the village.

The mill has been converted into flats now- but it was here that Jeremiah Colman originally milled his famous mustard [more info here] The river runs through the village – in this photo, themill is just behind Bob


Walstan and his animals are commemorated on the village sign


I’d recommend the King’s Head for a coffee- but the food looked quite expensive! [Adrian and Marion agreed with us when we told them about our trip!]


  1. Messing about beside rivers- you're getting well into the Willows swing!

  2. Such a quaint place. Loving the village sign, I really like places with character, charm and history.

    X x

  3. Did you get to Mother Julian of Norwich's shrine? x


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