Monday 30 April 2012

The Thrill Of What You Already Have #4

The Thrill of What You Already Have

Oh dear – here we are on the last day of April and I have yet to post about TTOWYAH. Sorry!

Floss posted a picture of Aberdeen.

There have been some great posts already – and many seem clothing related.


Jane showed a picture of clothes in the same shades, Nana Gogo had a great story about her visit to see Barbra Streisand and the tee-shirt, and Floss herself said she loved “the purpley-blue colours and the two relaxed yet stylish day-trippers. My going away-outfit was a bit like their daywear!” And I suddenly remembered my going-away dress. This afternoon I went up into the loft, and dug it out of the ‘dressing up box’. Yes I still have one [well, actually, there are four boxes of costumes up there] even though the girls have grown up and moved out. There have been at least four occasions since Christmas when young friends have needed to borrow stuff!

Here’s my dress


It is looking a little the worse for wear, and one or two seams are coming unstitched [it is nearly 33 years old, after all]

But the whites and the blues of the voile and the plain blue lining reminded me of the pale bridge reflected in the water, and the blue sky above.

And I still have the original Style pattern which I used to make it. It is labelled “Ang, Dereham, April 79”.

I borrowed Mum’s sewing machine to make the dress.


I made three dresses from this pattern that year

  1. one in a deep blue floral cotton [unlined] with the little collar, but no flounce on the hem [the middle style]
  2. one in wine red corduroy in the style on the right, which I wore as a pinafore dress.
  3. the going-away dress, as the middle style but with a flounce.


Half an hour ago I tried on the dress again [for the first time in years] From the waist down it is absolutely fine. But my arms are not quite as slim as they were and the sleeves fit, but snugly. The main area of difference is the bust. When I got married I was a 31”AA size. [“Very flat, Norfolk” said Oscar Wilde]

Thirty years and two babies later, I would say that my cup runneth over! There is no way the zip will fasten above the waist now.

I had a black velvet blazer from M&S to wear with the dress[although my wedding day was warm and fine and it wasn’t needed] and on my feet I had my white patent four inch stiletto heels.

I may have grown up in Norfolk, but I was born in Essex, after all!


  1. Oh, so romantic.Feminine and floaty,and I'm betting you felt a million dollars wearing it.
    Jane x

  2. I suffer from the same 'chest' problem. It's a very pretty dress.
    Love from Mum

  3. Well, ladies, I shrank!

    Having got that off my chest, it's lovely that you managed to post this for April - the colours are so appropriate, and it's such a pretty dress. I feel as though I had one made to the same pattern, in about 1982, although it must have been second hand if that's the case! A lovely memory...

  4. My Mum - who was a fantastic dress-maker - made me a lovely dress from the same pattern. What a blast from the past! Thank youy for all the memories. Jx

  5. That pattern could quite easily be worn today. (There's nothing new under the sun, especially when it comes to fashion.)

    Speaking of chestal change: my sister discovered (in her 40s) that she was gluten-intolerant. She'd always been built along Norfolk lines herself, but when she went gluten-free she put on some weight and actually developed a balcony. She was rather thrilled with this development.

  6. Hi Angela,I see I am your 500and 1st follower ,I came over after reading 'Please may I' I have read some of your entries,enjoyed them and will be back ,though I was born in Northamptonshire I now live in the Cambridge Fens,I too have Jan xx

    1. Welcome, Jan! I am off to check out your blog now!


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