Monday 30 April 2012

Cold Comfort

I defrosted the freezer on Saturday, and took the opportunity to photograph one of the drawers while it was empty! It is a mystery to me exactly why they make the fittings on many fridges and freezers so flimsy. Unless it is just that the extreme temperatures cause the plastic to become brittle? I don’t know. Does anyone else have problems with their freezer fittings?


My freezer has a drop down door for the top shelf, and two pull out baskets below.


Both baskets are wire framed with a solid plastic panel on the front. And both panels have cracked along the stress points at the side. This meant the fronts were loose, and things fell out.


Bob has drilled some holes, and fixed the panels more firmly to the mesh with cable ties. Everything is fine now – and the repair meant I did not need to buy new fronts for the freezer baskets. They cost £25 here – which seems a ridiculous price!

drawer front

Thanks Bob, you are a genius!


  1. I totally agree. I've already lost a door shelf in my fridge because the plastic cracked and then snapped off. I wonder why they make them so flimsy.

  2. The front of one of our freezer drawers broke so badly it was unsalvageable so my husband made a mesh front out of wire and covered it all with duct tape. It's lasted a couple of years so far. They make things so flimsy because if they made them to last people wouldn't buy another one in a few years time!

    1. They must get very fed up with make-do-and-menders like us then!

  3. Replies
    1. They are up there with duct tape and baler twine for usefulness in my opinion.

  4. Bob is a genius--could you clone him?


    1. This is an interesting idea, Frances.
      Do you think such clones would be marketable? It is possible that such a clone could not exist without the accompaniment of a batty little wife running alongside - and that would definitely reduce the sales!

    2. Now if they could clone the batty little wife, we'd all want one of her in the house...

  5. Congratulations on the repair. It's amazing what you can do with a little inventiveness. I wonder if it's all those Blue Peter programmes we watched?

    Our fridge-freezer is on its last legs, comsmetically, drawers mended with Bostick, handles replaced with ones that aren't really the right ones but do the job, and door seals splitting. But internally, it works perfectly well. So I'm hanging on to the dosh for as long as possible, until it actually conks out all together.

  6. Bottome flap in my freezer has very temperametal fittings. What would Flora do??? There might be something nasty in the ice shelf...


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