Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pause In Lent #6– Kindness

A Pause in Lent Floss

The Virtue of Kindness is developed through the Pursuit of Love – I stumbled on this the other day, and thought it was worth sharing.10ways

We are now entering Holy Week, so this is my last PIL post– thank you, Floss, for organising Pause In Lent again for us this year. I’ve enjoyed finding out more about the ‘virtues’ and learned much from the thoughts and reflections of others. And those Charley Harper cardinal pictures are pretty cool too!



  1. A really good poster, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Enjoy is one of my words for 2012. Enjoy without complaining- this is VERY relevant in the land tonight!!

  3. I've enjoyed A Pause in Lent, too.
    Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and faithful words, Angela.
    I pray this week is life-giving for you and Bob. I know it'll be very busy.

  4. That is an excellent poster.

  5. Thanks for all your Pause in Lent posts. I've read and reread them and have learned much.x

  6. Nice post. You might like this Wordsworth quote about little acts of kindness. Carole's Chatter blogspot Acts of Kindness


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