Monday, 15 April 2013

Faith, Folk, And Charity

DSCF5384Friday night’s “Africa Aid” Folk Evening went well. The audience enjoyed the various bands. Bob worked incredibly hard on the sound system

[I spent much of the evening in the kitchen, so took my pictures through the serving hatch!]

We raised around £175 for three charities working in Africa - including Tom’s East African Playgrounds and a couple of others in Malawi. We could have done with a few more people there!


DSCF5386Here’s Moira and Marilyn in the kitchen, looking a little anxious about when [if?] the interval will start! Along with Janet and Julie they helped me served teas and coffees throughout the evening- and in the interval, everyone got a mug of soup and a roll [That Soup Kettle is definitely earning its keep!] followed by far too many cakes.

Here’s Dangerous Dogs – with their Djembe. Spot the Washboard at the back, too!


We got everything cleared up and packed away…and fell into bed around midnight, with the satisfaction of a job well done.

faith folk clarity

Anyone remember this songbook from the 60’s? It came out the year after Youth Praise 1. I still have my copies of YP1 & 2 – but I don’t think I ever possessed my own copy of FF&C. Back then, we did not have YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, but even in the middle of Norfolk, we still managed to find out what were the cool new songs for the enthusiastic young Christians!


  1. I looked and our copy of FF&C is still on the shelf along with YP. It is a long time since they were used...

  2. I still have my copy. It's been well used over the years.
    Love from Mum

  3. Oh and I've still got YP1 and 2 and also a Carey Bonner children's hymn book.
    Love from Mum again

  4. It was a lovely evening. The entertainment and food were excellent and money raised for good causes too. I remember FF&C but never had my own copy, used it when we had a "youth club" on sunday evenings at St Barts. A few of us played guitar/sang and had great fun.


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