Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I Know My Place

i know my place

I tried out the Great British Class Calculator on the BBC Website. It gave me a somewhat unexpected result…

Result: the class group you most closely match is: Traditional working class [14% of population, average age 66]

“This class group scores low for economic, social and cultural factors, but they do have some financial security:

  • Many people in this group own their own home
  • They tend to mix socially with people like themselves
  • They tend not to enjoy emerging culture, such as going to the gym or using social media
  • This group has the oldest average age
  • Jobs in this group include lorry drivers, cleaners and electricians”

I tried it again – but this time the only change was removing ‘own home’ [it is only 4 years since we took on a mortgage, when I was 54]

Result: the class group you most closely match is: Precariat [Percentage of population 15%, Average age 50]

“This is the poorest and most deprived class group. People in this group score low for economic, social and cultural factors:

  • They tend to mix socially with people like them
  • Jobs in this group include cleaner, van driver and care worker
  • They tend not to have a broad range of cultural interests
  • People in this group often live in old industrial areas away from urban centres
  • More than 80% rent their home”

I have concluded the test just does not work for the wife of a Baptist Minister – I consider that I have a very broad range of cultural interests, and I mix socially with a very varied group of people, and I use social media. And in no way do I feel among the most deprived. In fact, I feel I am one of the most blessed.

Did you do the test? and did you agree with the results?

I look up to everyone cos I am so short!


  1. Well, look, we qualified as elite so try not to laugh too hard!!

  2. Oh Ang, think of all your broad cultural interests! We turned out to be technical middle class, which was such a relief as I dreaded being traditional middle class... isn't it all silly?

    In answer to your question about marzipan, I've had cheddar cheese blocks questioned at Edinburgh airport - they feared it was a drinks carton, not plastic explosives (I asked them, and was disappointed at the response). The French do use almond paste (pate d'amande) but it's often coloured, so I buy the big white blocks in the UK when I can.

  3. To be honest, I thought it a load of old twaddle!
    Jane x

  4. I did the test and I came out very low, mainly due to not going to university and no longer owning my own house. I was initially offended but then realised I chose my alterntive (very simple) life, and as I am very happy with my choices and far more contented than when I was part of the 'rat race'. I am sure you, and many others of us are taking this with a pinch of salt!

  5. That's interesting!
    When I'm watching Downton Abbey, I feel like the house maids are my kindred spirits.

  6. Oh dear!
    I tried it and came up as technical something or other, a new class. What nonsense it is!

  7. Haha 'Established Middle Class'.
    Interestingly, I have just got a job in the school office as an admin assistant, I am no longer a dinner lady, if I reduce our household income to before I got this job then we are: 'New affluent workers'.

    I dunno, these things are a bit silly really, lol, but fun to do.


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