Friday 28 August 2009

Apt Alliteration's Artful Aid

My parents maintained that when they were at theological college, in sermon class, their tutor was always harping on about the use of AAAA when preparing sermons and talks. I am fascinated by alliteration and the patterns in words.

And it occurred to me that the three programmes I have enjoyed a lot recently all feature presenters whose names begin with 'A'

kim&aggie First up, there's Aggie [Mackenzie] who does 'How Clean is Your House?' along with the rather scary Kim Woodburn.

And then there is Alex [Polizzi]


She is the Hotel Inspector. She does have a fondness for wearing asymmetric clothing, and huge scarves - but she gives some good advice to struggling Hoteliers. And I am impressed by the way she mucks in and helps with the cleaning, and shifting the sofas and things.

Finally, a newer programme, Economy Gastronomy introduced me to Allegra [McEvedy]allegra  She is a frightfully good-humoured chef, and you just know she captained the hockey team when she was at school!

EG is an interesting programme which I may blog about in depth on another day.


economy gastronomy

But my random thought this morning was ...

Three women, all beginning with 'A' who tell you

  • how to clean your house,
  • how to run your hotel
  • how to manage your food budget.

There must be a gap in the market for another 'how to' TV programme, presented by a jolly, slightly bossy middle aged woman beginning with A and they haven't had an ANGELA yet!

Trouble is, I cannot for the life of me thing of a subject in which I am suitably qualified. There's not really a demand for a series on 'how to make many useful things from old curtains'  - although I do...err... have plenty of material!!

All suggestions for programmes gratefully received.


  1. Come on Angela, there must be a niche in the market.....somewhere? How to run a busy Pastor's household/also second holiday home/with one hand whilst blogging with the other?

  2. PS...We love Alex P's programmes, and really feel for her when she gives good advice and yhe owners dont want to follow it! Her hotel at St Mawes in Cornwall is an example to all hoteliers.

  3. Arty Angela's Amazing Adventures...? How to make anything out of nothing

  4. Now THAT idea has possibilities!


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