Monday 10 August 2009

Friends, Family, Food … and Flies!

We had about twenty people round for the BBQ – and Bob was a great chef. Liz and Steph helped prepare salads and stuff. The weather was lovely and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. We have some lovely neighbours!




The flaming torch thingy appeared to deter insects!


And the food disappeared quickly! Sarah brought some fragrant sweet peas from her garden – but lack of vases meant they had to be displayed in a couple of beer bottles.


Sunday morning Bob and I disappeared off to church – and he preached two good sermons on Romans [only one of which I had heard before] then we returned to a wonderful roast beef lunch which the girls had prepared.

In the afternoon, Bob took the others to Castle Acre, and I slept!

c acre castle

Then in the evening we had to take them to the station. It was fabulous having the four of them here and Cornerstones feels really quiet now!

Today has been a fairly lazy day [apart from washing sheets] but we did make a trip into Dereham to buy an electric fly killer [for killing electric flies?]


The “Gotcha” is now installed in the kitchen and we hope it will improve the situation.Flies have been plaguing us all week.

Bob is busy now, making bread again. I am going to relax in front of the TV again with my cross stitch.

Hooray for holidays!


  1. it was lovely to come and visit - it's a lovely house in a very nice village! Thanks for having us! x

  2. Is that your Official Message for the Visitors' Book??


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