Saturday 29 August 2009

No Longer Gormless!

On Wednesday, I took my friend Debbie to IKEA - she needed bits for her new flat, and I wanted a bookcase for Cornerstones. Remember- when you take someone to IKEA for the first time, it always takes longer than going alone.This is the second time I have done it this year, and I keep forgetting to allow extra time!

cutters I also purchased a set of Drommar cookie cutters  [£3.99] for Steph. She had received her new catalogue a week ago and was very taken with the idea of Moose Biscuits!

I splashed out too on some Gorm Shelving [I have been Gormless for far too long]

The fabric and notions of the Great Stash have been stored in a random assortment of shoeboxes, plastic crates and biscuit tins, which were kept in what had previously been the girl's bedroom cupboards. When we moved those cupboards to Cornerstones, I just stacked the boxes in heaps which kept tumbling down like the walls of Jericho.

DSCF0409 So I moved the boxes onto Steph's bed.

This photo only shows a fraction of them!


Up went the Gorm Unit


And on went the new labelled, sorted boxes


Doesn't that look better?

I am hoping that now things are properly sorted, it will be much quicker to find a particular piece of fabric whenever I come to do some sewing.

I am having a mad sewing week this week, as Church Life in September is horrendously busy and term starts next week [I'm hoping for plenty of supply work!] but there are a few craft events coming up which I have been asked to support.

I need to get some fresh stock made up. Pictures of that to follow shortly.


  1. Those Gorm shelves are EXACTLY what I am looking for to go in the store room once the big "re-decorate" is done. I'll be able to stash away all my yarn and rapidly growing fabric stash, not to mention all my old pottery stuff and jewellery bits and bobs. Maybe I should just fill the garage and have done with it, because the store room isn't going to be big enough for long.

  2. Do you believe that we don't have an IKEA store? At least I don't think we do. I should check.
    Anyway, I think moose biscuits sound charming as well. I could make them for my hungry students that come to me when they are hungry for lunch. Your shelves are impressive! Way to go! xopp

  3. You know how much I LOVE IKEA! We went about 3 weeks ago (it's a 2 hour drive one way and we have to go through Washington DC traffic the last hour). It was about our 8th time and we were there for hours. We have a van and we removed the back bench seat and one of the seats from the next row (we had to leave one for our son) and packed it up big time. Hubby is putting together the last thing we bought (a shelf unit) right this minute.

    Believe it or not, I can't wait until we go again! LOL!


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