Saturday 29 August 2009

Put Out More Flags!

My friend C is decluttering because she is moving abroad [well, Scotland, actually] and when we returned from holiday, there was a jiffy bag for me full of fat quarters- which she did not want to take up north, and was sure I would have a use for them.

DSCF0407 So this week I have been using them up, along with some other vintage stash fabric to make things for the upcoming Charity Craft Events.

First I decided to make some bunting. It seems to be the thing this summer, so I made some more lengths, similar to the stuff I prepared for the Holiday Club Window Display last month.



I made labels for the bags - so people know how long the strings are


Here's all the packs neatly prepared for sale.

Can you guess what these are?


[No it isn't just another of my bad photos - I have been playing around with the soft focus tool!]

They are pencil rolls


I have always loved coloured crayons ever since I was a child - and was almost as happy just arranging them in different patterns as I was colouring pictures. Did anybody else do that?


C is very busy writing essays at the minute. Perhaps I should send her a pencil roll so she can colour pretty patterns round the edge of her assignments. [On second thoughts, that probably wouldn't please the theological tutor who has to mark the paper, would it?]

Anyway, must press on, got more sewing projects to do...

[One day I may get round reading Put Out More Flags, and other Evelyn Waugh stuff. But not this week!]


  1. I used to like arranging my crayons in size order, longest to shortest, or when they were new and all the same length in colour order darkest to lightest. Actually I still do! What this might say about me is probably not very complimentary, but tyg.

  2. I love the bunting! You are the fastest sewer ever! I want to make some - I wish you lived by me - I'd buy yours! xopp


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