Saturday 29 August 2009

Chard Remains!

DSCF0408 For last night's meal I had originally planned a tuna, courgette and tomato sauce with pasta. However the arrival of the veg box on Wednesday altered my plans a little.

The box contained a bag of chard. Now Bob and I tried chard last year, I bought some from the local Farmer's Market. We didn't really like it. But I felt I couldn't waste the stuff in the box. So I chopped the stalks into shortish sections and softened them in the oil, along with the chopped onions, garlic and courgettes. I added tuna, and half a can of chopped tomatoes, and then at the end, stirred the shredded chard leaves in, and it wilted down a bit like spinach.

carotino oil

I have been using Carotino Oil recently [I got some on offer in Morrison's] It is quite pleasant to cook with, once you have adjusted to its wonderful orangey-red colour!

The website here is very informative about the benefits of the oil and has some interesting looking recipes.

Anyway, back to the supper...I poured the sauce of pasta shells and served it up.

'What is this?' said Bob, slightly suspiciously. 'Think town in Somerset' I replied [was I perhaps Taunton him?] He had decided the green leaves were in fact spinach, but had been concerned the red stalks were rhubarb!

There is still more chard in the bag, I shall have to find a more interesting way to cook that tonight.

Anyway Steph has asked for evidence of my progress with vegbox.

I should mention that she has started a blog now. Whether she manages to keep it going once she starts her new job is another matter. You can find her at Steph's Salads.


  1. The oil looks interesting and your innovative supper is pretty! I bet it tasted good! xopp

  2. Whispering.....dont like chard. Very pretty to look at, but, dont like it.


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