Saturday 15 August 2009

Bread and Jam

My grandmother was fond of quoting this couplet

Satan trembles when he sees … the weakest Christian on his knees”

Satan must be absolutely terrified by this sight therefore!


Bob was checking out his latest loaf. It looks splendid and has a great texture. Watch out Liz, your Dad is after your title as “Chief Family Breadmaker” I think!


Not to be outdone, I have made a fruit cake [usual BeRo boil&bake recipe] and some jam. I had not done anything with the blackberries I had picked, and decided they should be used up. So I got a Microwave Jam recipe from here. I had sugar in the cupboard, and a couple of lemons in the fruit bowl and ended up with 3 jars of Bramble Jam. It all seems to have worked ok, although I did have to pop across the road and scrounge a couple of empty jars from my neighbour. Barbara was busy baking too – she is entering stuff in the Village Show tomorrow.


Please note the way the cake is cooling. Nifty idea I gleaned from a recent Real Simple magazine – use an inverted muffin/cakepan as an impromptu cooling rack!


  1. Yummy! The bread and jam are simply perfect!

  2. I have to say, Ang, it looks as though Bob is in deep prayer over his cake!
    Jam looks very good. I just keep pushing my blackberries into the deal with later!

  3. Well, it certainly appears Bob's prayers were answered!

  4. The bread looks perfectly done! Wish the blog were scratch and sniff for this one. Nothing beats the smell of homemade bread wafting through the house - and then with homemade jam to boot! Wonderfully delicious!


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