Sunday 16 August 2009

Worship and Wasps!

town sign

This morning we drove to the nearby town of Aylsham to church. John of Gaunt is pictured on the town sign, as he was Lord of the Manor here from 1372 – but it is believed he never actually visited!

We parked in the Market Place then walked round the corner and up a pretty little path to Emmanuel Church in White Hart Street, where we received a warm welcome.



The Pastor preached an interesting sermon on Jonah 2, and we chatted with him afterwards over a cuppa. We wondered if he was using the same Bible Reading notes as us – but he wasn’t – it seems as if Jonah is just the Prophet of the Moment!

We sang a real mixture of songs, old hymns, modern pieces – and even a FisherFolk song from the 1970’s!

I was very taken with a poster by the church entrance


Then we drove back towards Cornerstones [stopping to collect another bag of windfall fruit en route] before we turned off the main road into our close, Bob pointed out that the petrol gauge was on “Empty” and indicating only 5 miles worth of fuel left. It is about 4.99 miles to the petrol station!! Fortunately we got there and filled up the tank without incident.

Then we went back to Adrian and Marion’s for lunch. M had cooked a superb steak pie, followed by plum crumble. We ate the first course in the garden – then retired to the conservatory for pud, due to the wasps which we besieging us.

It was a lovely afternoon and then we came back to Cornerstones, for the last evening of our holiday.

What a brilliant and blessed fortnight we have enjoyed here!


  1. I'm so happy that you have enjoyed such a lovely get away together! We ate TWO meals outdoors yesterday. Come on over to my blog and take a hobbit-y Colorado walk with me.

  2. What a lovely holday you have had, I'm so glad.
    I have fond memories of the Fisherfolk, who came to our Cornish church way way back, and had lunch in our garden afterwards. Wonder which song you sang?


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