Saturday 8 August 2009

A Gloriously Good Wood

This afternoon we left Bob working on his sermon for tomorrow, and five of us went to Foxley Wood. This is a Norfolk Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve just a few miles up the road.

logo fw

It was a glorious afternoon and we had a great walk –lots of flowers, butterflies, animals and fungi. Definitely a venue worth recommending to other visitors.DSCF0281 DSCF0282

The butterfly landed [very quietly] just as I took the photo of the sign. I was able to pick a small punnet of blackberries- I shall make Bob a crumble next week! Steph took these next two photos…



We stopped off at The Park Cafe on the way back for light refreshments


The weather is gorgeous - which bodes well for our first proper Cornerstones’ BBQ tonight!


  1. What lovely photos! you are having such a good time, hope you are really revelling in the rest and recuperation after a very busy time.

  2. Looks a glorious place! We have so few butterflies this year - I don't know where they have all gone!

    Hope the weather stayed fine for the BBQ - it was lovely this side of the Pennines!

  3. Lovely walk and pics. Isn't t great that the weather has improved. Love the butterfly pic too.

  4. Thanks everyone- Gilly, all the butterflies have arrived in Norfolk I think!!


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