Wednesday 26 August 2009

Canvassing Opinions

ambridge Alan [the motorbiking Vicar] and his wife Usha have gone on a Camping Holiday.

Thus far it is all sounding disastrous.

She cannot cope with 'roughing it' in a tent, and two of their church members have fetched up on the same campsite. Can things get any worse? [Rain, perhaps?]

I shall be listening inTENTly to the next few episodes. If I suspect they have taken any material from this book, I shall be suing the BBC!


  1. Wow Angela how many books have you written. Will have to have a peak. Your BBQ looked good - certainly weatherwise, you've obviously had all the sun then - and why not! And what a sewing machine, I'm green, although I love my little lightweight portable one dearly. And it was funny what you said about trying to give away a cheap pen! x

  2. I cant imagine anything worse!


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