Tuesday 4 August 2009

Holt! Who Goes There? [answer – rich people!]

We have had a lovely relaxing day… Bob got up and cooked breakfast, which was brilliant, then we packed a picnic and set off DSCF0224on the motorbike. Our first stop was Holt. The town sign shows an owl. The story is that for some reason the men of Holt caught an owl and tried to imprison it in the Town Pound overnight, but it flew away!

The folk of the town are much smarter now – they just aim to trap tourists! £22 for a doorstop anyone? Bob saw a nice painting but we did not buy it [£1000!]

My sister-in-law tells me that prices are always quite high in Holt. Sir John and Lady Major live close by. Even the charity shops seemed expensive!

There were some fun shop signs though




This is presumably for the “halt and the lame” folk of the county








Must tell my good friend Paul-the-Maths-Geek about this new geometry





Because we are on holiday, we followed our usual tradition and purchased a small item [an angel] to hang on the Christmas Tree. Holt’s Christmas Shop is open all year round and does a thriving trade.




After Holt we rode onto Cley and parked by the Village Hall



Bob was not pleased that every car park today was surfaced with shingle, which is not the easiest surface for motorbikes!

There was a motorbike in the Village Playing Field too…


As we ate our picnic, we watched hundreds  of butterflies landing on the buddleia bush beside us.

Bob took lots of photos – they were really beautiful creatures





We enjoyed walking round Cley, looking at the Mill, the pretty cottages and the lovely flint walls




George and the Dragon were inset over an archway


We round through a few more villages [Blakeney, Walsingham etc] and then called on my brother and his wife for a cuppa.


On our way past the parish church in our village, we stopped to look at the Exhibition. Found two good Anglicans inside, on their knees.

Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees”

Actually, these two were mending the floor! I am going to go back on another occasion to look at the Exhibition properly. It celebrates the bicentenary of Abe Lincoln’s birth and his connection with the village. According to their map, the Lincoln family owned much of the village 500 years ago – and Cornerstones is just outside the boundary of one of their fields!

Then back home and Bob cooked a superb meal. Now he is busy making bread. I do really enjoy the fact that when we are on holiday, Bob does so much of the cooking! He’s having great fun getting to know the new cooker, and I am loving the break from kitchen duties.

The smell of baking bread is wonderful. Expect pictures later!!


  1. I mentioned today to Steve that there seem to be tons more butterflies this year.
    Enjoy your cooking break - you lucky girl. Steve often says "I'm cooking tonight" that means he'll come in with take-away - lol!

  2. You guys are pretty cool on that motor bike! I'm so glad you are having such a lovely time resting! The bread looks fantastic. Go Bob!

  3. I love Holt, I think it is a great place, and Bob and I have dreams of 'retiring' to Holt! Lucky you being in North Norfolk. If you get time a wonderful walk is to be had at Thornham. Walk along the board-walk, through the pine trees near the Nature/Bird reserve and onto the big, wide deserted beach. Helen x


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