Friday 7 August 2009

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

First stop Burnham Market [actually, Bob and Steph went ahead of us on the Honda, and stopped off for her to visit Fakenham Tesco’s – for work purposes! ] Fun motorbikes, and interesting shops. Liz described it as Boden-Country. Other comments are not repeatable!




Bob and Jon waited patiently for the rest of us to emerge from various emporia


Visited an overpriced Art and Craft Exhibition


We went on to Wells, and waited for the little train to take us up to the beach, where we ate out picnic lunch, then Liz, Jon and Mark went for a long  walk to find the sea, Bob and Steph snoozed and I built a small sandcastle.





We returned to the wonderful Old Station Bookshop, then travelled on to Cromer and ate fish’n’chips for supper on the pier. These were very good and came from Mary-Jane’s chippie in Garden Street


Then home for a mad game of Cranium – won by Steph and Mark, but enjoyed by everyone!!

A Grand Day Out

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