Friday 14 August 2009

Sun, Sea, Sand…

After a brief stop at the Norfolk Lavender Centre, to pick up a few plants, we arrived at Hunstanton – a lovely little seaside resort on the North West Norfolk coast.DSCF0318-1

The water was rather cold at first, but I was determined to have a paddle.

After a bit of a walk on the sand, we sat and ate our picnic on the grass just beside the Promenade. There were lots of great motorbikes parked near us - that is probably why Bob suggested that particular bench.

My friend PomPom has even thoughtfully posted a picture of a motorbike today for Bob to look at.

Although today was a beautiful day, we travelled in the car [easier for transporting of plants, we thought]



Many children were really enjoying the sand and the sea and some were having pony rides. They were having such fun laughing and playing and building sand castles.





Hunstanton has a long prom, lots of sandy beaches, and plenty of facilities for holiday makers. I think Tubbies Donut Stall near the Pier Restaurant offers best value!

Town Sign

King Edmund arrived by boat from Germany near Hunstanton  in 854AD at the age of 14, and ruled this part of the world for 14 years. Then the Vikings beat him in battle and martyred him because he refused to renounce his Christian faith. He was canonised – and is now buried at…Bury St Edmunds.

We saw some interesting vehicles – an amphibious one


And this three-wheeler


When we got home, Bob planted the lavender at Cornerstones, and set about more breadmaking. I shall miss that when we get home from holiday!


The Norfolk Lavender Shop is very informative- we got five different English lavender plants for £10.

“Hidcote”, “ Hidcote Pink”, “Grey Hedge”, “Bowles Early” and “Devonshire Compact White”.

They should fill out the front bed beautifully.

We ate some of our Amaretto Norfolk Farmhouse Ice Cream tonight. It was absolutely splendid and I would wholeheartedly recommend it!


  1. Hasnt it been a lovely day?! I've been paddling too, on the Brittany coast!

  2. Lovely to see pics of Hunstanton. We are off there tomorrow, and then along to Thornham, and finishing the day at Wells, with fish and chips before the drive home. Lovely, can't wait!

  3. Helen - hope your day beside the seaside is as good as the ones Elizabeth and I have had!!


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