Thursday 13 August 2009

Everything Stops For Tea!

We had a lovely time with Jean and Chris – and Chris kindly brought me some pink carnations – and thoughtfully also gave me a vase to put them in [so no need to use beer bottles this time!]



  1. Very pretty classic vase.
    Pretty flowers too!

  2. Pretty! And such a nice white vase - you are all set now for future bouquets.

    Thanks for reminding me of the Perseids - the peak is tonight.

  3. Hey Angela - it's like having a postcard every day. I think I could manage a blog on holiday. your weather looks good. It's been fine today in Leics too. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.
    Love Lesley

  4. Hi Angela
    I just had to stop by again and invite you over to my post today. I took a picture of a bike that you and Bob might appreciate. xopp


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