Monday 12 October 2009

Back to Borders !


For the first time in months I actually got to knitting group tonight at our local Borders Bookshop. It was so good to see friends again. Some of them had been kind enough to email me in recent weeks asking if I was OK as they hadn't seen me since about May! One thought maybe I had moved to Cornerstones permanently already. Everyone was busy making beautiful things, but the highlight for me was seeing Chrissy's bag [I did ask if I could post these pictures of it]

chrissy's bag 4 chrissy's bag 2

She has blogged about this bag herself - but it is a phenomenal piece of work. She will tell you that knitting is easy, but the sewing part is a real challenge for her. But this bag is great! She knitted it, then felted it, then sewed on the coloured felt tulips and embroidered their stems, then sewed in the fabric lining - which includes a key fob and phone pocket, and then attached the strap [which looks like leather but is plaited cotton].

chrissy's bag It's really lovely Chrissy - and you are quite justified in feeling proud of this piece which displays so many different crafts.

It was fun to be at the group, but I couldn't stop too long, as now I have school stuff to prepare for tomorrow.

My pictures from the conference will have to wait until Wednesday to be posted. I had a fabulous time at the weekend - and today has been a real opportunity to relax and chill out with Bob [and go into Leicester on the motorbike together]


  1. Thanks for the kind words, I suppose we all find different crafts more straightforward or more challenging depending on what we do most often. Sewing is something that is still relatively new to me, but I hope in time, that it will become as simple to me as knitting now is.

    It was lovely to see you tonight, and hopefully next time we will see you for longer.

  2. I like the bag, too! Tulips!

  3. What a super bag...but all those processes! Knitting, felting, sewing, amazing!

  4. Ooh that bag is beautiful, I wish I had such skills :)


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