Tuesday 13 October 2009

Conformitas Christi!

One blog I really enjoy - because it combines thought-provoking ideas on theology and life with a GSOH is 'Living Wittily'. In a recent post, Jim spoke about "being conformed to Christ and being called to ... pattern one's life in Christ" - in Latin conformitas Christi!


He said he'd like a shirt bearing that slogan.

So out came the machine, and I stitched him one.He has been wearing it - but now makes the valid point on his blog

"Only thing is - you wear something that says you're a Christian, there is a question of being consistent with your clothes. Which was what Paul meant when he spoke of Christian believers, having put off their old garments and being clothed with Christ - I think, maybe, as one exegetical option..."

During the last few weeks I have been challenged in lots of different places [Bob's sermons on evangelism, blogs by Jim and others, things said at my weekend conference etc] about how the way we live is crucial, as is the witness of our words -  and we must "walk the talk"if our evangelism is going to carry authority and authenticity. Expect more on this theme...


  1. Very much the theme of the Gospel weekend we went to at Le Pas Opton (Springharvest). 'Dont just sing the song...live the life'.

  2. So true, but only occasionally easy! I have been really struggling today with a new job where not everything is going well, and with how to humbly recieve both justified and unjustified criticism. Only feasible 'on one's knees', I think!

  3. Hiya Angela! The shirt was a generous gift and a kind of sacrament - call it the Sacrament of Divine Assent - that is, don't ask for something cos you might get it! So now I wear a sport shirt that has as its conversation starter a latin motto that says forget the devotional reveries - make Christ a living reality through the life you live in, through and by Him! Thanks again Angela. I hope to be in Plymouth next year and will be going looking for Baptist Bloggers - hope you and Bob are there.


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