Sunday 4 October 2009

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Or your faith on your wrist...

tearfund Just received the Tear Fund 2009 Christmas catalogue, and it has a gorgeous silver bracelet on p51.

Created in South Africa by the

Uumtha_logomtha [Ray Of Light] Fairtrade Jewellery  company, this bracelet has various symbols depicting incidents in the life of Jesus.

A star, dove, chalice, cross and fish are all suspended between pretty green and blue stones.

lifeofJesus bracelet  I think this is really cool - and a brilliant bit of kit for an impromptu children's talk or personal evangelism! Actually, following Bob's challenging sermon on evangelism this morning, perhaps we should suggest all the ladies of the congregation buy and wear them - and then explain them to their friends and family.

I already have a beautiful charm bracelet [1940s vintage] which my Girls' Brigade Captain gave me when I was 16 - but can't wear it at the minute as it needs repair. [If and when I ever get it fixed I shall blog about that]

The fair trade side of Tearfund [used to be Tearcraft] has now relaunched as 'Created'





created Do check out their catalogue online here if you don't receive one in the post.

It is full of brilliant ideas for gifts and Christmas cards - and personally I would rather buy things from a company like this - one where I know the workers have been paid a fair wage and treated properly. And don't think it is all the jute macrame plant holders of thirty years ago - there are some great new, and stylish things inside. [Here endeth the commercial!]

I enjoyed worship this morning, and was very encouraged by the fact that we had more new people there. The winds of yesterday have dropped and it is a bright, sunny autumn day. Glorious!


  1. So agree Angela, Traidcraft is such a good organisation.

  2. Sorry, should have said Created/Tearcraft.

  3. They are BOTH good - I wonder if the new name has been chosen simply because we so often confuse the two??

  4. Lovely post! Thank you, Angela!
    I love to hear about how the Spirit is moving in your church.

  5. I wondered why the new name. Tearcraft you immediately link with Tearfund. We collect for Tearfund at church and I wouldn't link 'Created' with Tearfund and thus wouldn't immediately know it was such a great cause, etc.

    But as you say it may get confused with Traidcraft..


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