Thursday 1 October 2009

Blanket Stitch

Last week, whilst Bob was away, I did some work on the knitting machine. This week, I have been stitching up the things I made. I have a number of friends who are expecting babies at the minute, and I wanted to make some baby blankets.

Back in 1982 when I was expecting Liz, I hand-knitted a blanket from a pattern in Good Housekeeping Magazine. The design was based on the traditional Shetland "Robe of Glory". This was a knitted cloak presented to a boy reaching manhood - and the patterns used were all symbolic.

I subsequently made my own pattern, using variations of these ideas and symbols, adapting it for use on a punch-card knitting machine.

Last week I knitted five blankets, and this week I have sewn them up


The amazing thing is that the same punchcard produces very different results dependent on the colours used. The first three were just cream background with one contrast colour [2 blue, 1 red]


The fourth was a cream background, but a different contrast for each symbol


Then I got a bit carried away and did various coloured stripes as the background with a cream contrast


The different parts of the design represent these Biblical symbols;
The Water of Life - John 4v10
The Guiding Star - Matthew 2v2
The Anchor of Faith - Hebrews 6v19
The Crown of Glory - 1 Peter 5v4

I really cannot decide which one I like best! The backs of the blankets are plain cream [apart from the striped one - which is plain stripes on the reverse!]

It is lovely to give a gift for a new baby - and especially one like this, when the parents share faith in Jesus.


  1. OH wow, how many blankets in one week!!! I can see the usefulness of a machine now.


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