Thursday 15 October 2009

The Belgian Boils The Brussels

sprouts I bought a bag of Brussels Sprouts for only 10p in Aldi. This seemed a bargain - but I confess when I got them home, I wasn't so sure. My attempts with brassica can be a bit 'ho-hum' at times - either I manage to undercook [bullets] or overcook [mush]

So I was very pleased when Bob volunteered, out of the blue, to prepare them. They were really delicious - only not terribly photogenic, and I don't have a picture. He sliced some garlic and root ginger quite finely, and toasted that along with some slivered almonds [in olive oil and butter]. Meanwhile he parboiled the sprouts then tossed them in the oil and butter with the other stuff.

The taste was amazing - especially the zinginess [is that a word?] of the ginger. He could certainly give Nigel Slater a run for his money in the flavour stakes, I think.

[And no, we didn't just have sprouts for our meal - I did the meat and potatoes and the dessert and everything else!]

But definitely a bargain at 10p a bag [especially since there are some left!]


  1. That sounds inventive ,and delicious. 10p a bag?! Wow.

  2. Oh, I wish you'd had brussels sprouts a week ago. A neighbor gave us a bag, and I just didn't know what to do with them, and now they're past their prime. Yours sound delicious!


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