Friday 30 October 2009

The Wonder of Woolies

wonderofwooliesThere is a new book just out, celebrating the sadly departed High Street Store. During half-term I was back in the store that used to be Woolworths when I was growing up- it is now a rather tacky Pound Shop.

Like many people I went into that Woolies every week - in our small town they sold almost everything a schoolgirl might want - sticky-backed plastic for Blue Peter projects, wool for knitting Christmas gifts, cartridges for my fountain pen, stockings, sweets, sellotape, shoelaces...

This morning I needed some squared paper, and remembered that I had a box of exercise books and notebooks in the loft which would probably provide what was wanted. I found this!















According to the sticker on the back I paid 20p in Woolworths for this little treasure. I think in about 1970! On the back is a useful set of charts-  multiplication tables up to 12, Metric Equivalents, Roman Numerals, and the Days In The Month poem.

DSCF0825 The pages are ruled squares- but they are ¼" - not much good for the metric system. Fortunately that didn't matter for my purposes today.

Whenever I think I ought to declutter some of my hoarded treasures, I find something like this lurking in a box and I feel justified in believing that "I will find a use for it eventually"!


  1. I used to love wandering around our Woolworths, always something new and exciting.......and cheap!

  2. They built and opened a new Woolworths just down road from us. Before it even opened the news was out about Woolies' demise. I think it was open for about a month. Bizarre.


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