Tuesday 13 October 2009


Just heard on the BBC of the death of Ian Wallace [aged 90] - a great entertainer of bygone days- especially good on the radio programme My Music, where he frequently performed the songs of Flanders and Swann with skill and aplomb. In fact "The Hippopotamus Song" was his signature tune. I wanted to post that- but couldn't find it.

On Saturday at our concert, my gifted friend Laura Staves sang another F&S song - so here instead is a youtube video of Ian Wallace singing that same number. Enjoy!

The Jungle was giving a party, a post hibernation ball
The Ballroom was crowded with waltzing Gazelles, Gorillas and Zebras and all.
But who is that animal almost in tears, pretending to powder her nose? A poor little Warthog who sits by herself
In a pink satin frock with blue bows.
Again she is nobody's choice and she sings in a sad little voice:
No one ever wants to court a Warthog
Though a Warthog does her best

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  1. I did love Flanders and Swann, saw them when I was but a student in London.


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