Wednesday 7 October 2009

Read My Lips!

Bob went to another of those exhibitions for people who do PA stuff. We have noticed that in these days of recession, there are less freebies at such events than there used to be. But he brought back a DSCF0656 present for me - a lip balm on a lanyard from the audio-technica stand.

This is really cool- and thank you, darling. But I'm a little confused- usually freebies are pens, mouse mats, post-its or coffee mugs - what you might call 'non-gender-specific'. Often at these PA events, they are bottle openers, which I tend to consider 'macho' - but lip-balm? This seems a surprisingly 'girlie' gift for an event which is 99.99% likely to be full of blokes! On the other hand, full marks to a-t for giving away something a little different.

Oh dear, am I guilty of terrible stereo-typing? is the world full of male sound engineers applying lipbalm, and female techies opening beer bottles?

Whatever, I shall hang this round my neck with pride. A girl needs to keep her lips soft, cos she never knows when she will need to 'pucker up' !!


  1. Maybe those big macho men need a little pampering now and then.......or maybe it's just used for ski ing.

  2. My husband is King of the lip balms. He never goes anywhere without his. This freebie would have been right up his alley!


  3. Elizabeth - I hadn't thought about skiers
    Frances - I suspect lip balm is more acceptable for blokes in the USA than it is here.

  4. Sound engineers...always smoking.

    Hence chapped lips and need for lip balm...

  5. Dear SHR ... you know what I think about smoking!!


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