Friday 9 October 2009

Silent Lights...

silent lights angel trumpet No that isn't a misprint - SL is a company which produces display lighting for Churches and Christian groups. I have seen their stuff at the Christian Resources Exhibition and it is very good.

The latest mailing from them is full of brilliant ideas for using their illuminations at Hallowe'en as well as Christmas.

silent lights angelsnotpumpkins Their website is worth checking out, particularly the page about getting involved.

The idea of handing out sweets with a Christian message attached to trick-or-treaters isn't a new one, but to have an illuminated angel instead of a jack-o-lantern and matching angel tags on the goodie bags is very creative.

It is probably a good thing that following Monday's Burglary I am still without a credit card, otherwise I'd be very tempted to go online and purchase a whole heavenly host of sparkling seraphim to shine over the village!

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  1. You are funny! I hope you get your credit cards back soon!


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