Friday 30 October 2009

Cowell praying for 'Jedward' exit

xfactor jedward

I do not watch the X factor, but was interested in this on the BBC News Website

X Factor judge Simon Cowell says he is "praying" Irish twins John and Edward Grimes do not win the ITV talent show. "If they win, it will be a complete and utter disaster," he said. "I'd probably sulk for about six months [and] get on a very fast plane out of the country."

I am always pleased to hear that someone is praying - but is it wrong of me to speculate on what would happen if they did win- would the odious sparkling-toothed Mr Cowell really leave the country?

And are they sponsored by some hair-gel company? I was briefly in two different school playgrounds yesterday and was quite disconcerted by the number of little boys sporting this kind of 'do'.

At least they are dressed in shirts and ties [although they remind me of the TV ad of my youth with the two boys in white and grey shirts because one Mum used the 'wrong' washing powder!]

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  1. I've never watched this programme, but like you, find SC hard to bear when I've seen him giving interviews.
    Maybe he will leave!!


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