Saturday 31 October 2009

The Pastor's Poppy

When Bob first started training for the ministry, my Mum gave me a little talk one day on the subject of "The Pastor's Poppy". It is essential, she said, that in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday/ Nov 11th, the Pastor is seen to be wearing his poppy.

poppies It will be considered Very Disrespectful if he doesn't wear one, and it is very important not to offend the older members of the community for whom their memories of the World War are both painful and precious.

Furthermore, said Mum, as the Pastor's Wife, YOU are the one who is responsible for purchasing it each year. And a spare, just in case it gets mislaid and cannot be found on the Sunday Morning.

She obviously drilled this into my brain very well - and I buy four poppies now - one for myself, one for Bob's suit jacket [worn inside church] one for his overcoat [worn outside, at the War Memorial] AND a spare!

So this week he has been wearing a poppy pinned to his shirt each day. Until this morning. And I put a load of laundry through the washing machine. I did fasten zips and remove tissues from pockets, but unfortunately forgot the poppy on the shirt. Oops!


Both of us remembered, mid-morning, but by then it was too late.

Ah well, at least I know I have a spare for him to wear to church tomorrow [thanks Mum!]

As long as soldiers are fighting wars, the work of the British Legion will continue. Don't forget to buy and wear your poppy!


  1. Poor poppy. But you are well prepared, with an extra.
    The French dont recognise the significance of poppies, and smile politely when we explain. You know they will be going away thinking 'another mad English custom'!

  2. I bought three the moment we landed in England on Wednesday, and gave the boys a little talk about what they mean. The poppies then proceeded to self destruct, without the aid of a wasing machine, so that Son 2 didn't have a working poppy by the time our second plane took off! They are not boy-proof...

    Thanks for the post, though.

  3. Hello Angela :) Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to spending more time on yours. God bless you and your husband as you serve Him.

    Have a glorious day in the Lord tomorrow!


  4. Oh, I like to buy poppies when I see someone selling them. Quite far and few nowadays.



  5. Interesting! Your mum stories are precious.


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