Thursday 8 October 2009



Top-1.bmp Having missed the recent Anstey Gala [I was at a birthday lunch party in Norfolk] I was pleased when Debbie showed me two photos of herself and her friends from the Farmers' Market, all dressed in their Victorian Costumes enjoying the sunshine. Glad to hear you had such a good day, Debbie!

Whilst on the subject of Victorians, I have been enjoying the victorian farm book repeats of "The Victorian Farm" on BBC2 recently, and noticed this book in our village library this week.

Beautifully written and presented, it has lots of extra little details which were not in the actual programme.

I am especially excited to discover that the trio went back to the farm in July and prepared a three part Christmas special to be shown in December. More details on that here.

I love this paragraph... "There will also be an accompanying 'Make Your Own Victorian Christmas' website on featuring 25 festive projects that you or your family can do at home. Each one will have step by step instructions, a presenter led video to guide you and beautifully designed print out guides and templates"...sounds just up my street!


  1. It was a lovely series that we enjoyed too. I wonder if you saw, some years ago, the Victorian series with the gardens that were recreated?

  2. Nice! Thank you for sharing! I don't think I want to make a Victorian Christmas but I sure would like to enjoy the photos!

  3. our public broadcaster is running this show I hopefully will be able to catch the last 3 episodes! I love the whole going back in time thing....

  4. I'm so wanting to see Victorian Farm, but to the best of my knowledge it's still not available over here. Of course, once I see it, who knows what ideas about life and how to live it will plant in my little brain!


  5. Some of it has been brilliant - making you realise the value of things, and discouraging waste. But I am too soft and I am sure I would have felt permanently cold, damp and tired!

  6. I'm giddy with excitement over the whole Christmas special thing. However, I'm a bit sad that way. I love the simplicity of it all, and I don't think I'd mind potties and outhouses, but I truly don't think I could do the week's washing the way they did back then. I'd be a gibbering wreck.


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